Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Thank you!

Thank you to Jay and the team at Revolution Books; Neale and the team at Urban Escape Healing; Julie, Monica and the team at Drama Beauty; Cat, Suk Ja and the team at Cat Von Kang Gallery; and John, Dean and the team at ChiPRC!

Thank you to all our artists: Christopher Berry, Terrie Byrne, Rich Salamander, Theo Katsaounis, Dean Johnson, Daniel Chesney, Suk Ja Kang, Cat Zeman, Victor Alegria, Cheryl Casden, Abbey Denlinger, and Esoteric Arts Chicago!

Finally, thank you to our 80+ guests who came out to see the work, interact with the artists, participate in activities, purchase art, and enjoy the ultra-creative East Village neighborhood! Each of our organizations is better for having met you, and we are all inspired by your enthusiasm!

Congratulations to Julie, Magda and Brian, the winners of our Art on Ashland raffle prizes! Please check your e-mail inboxes for information regarding your victories.

Saturday, November 7, 2015

Today: Art on Ashland

Today, Art on Ashland is happening! From Chicago Ave to Division St, free admission, art for sale, and free art activities. Participating venues on the West side of Ashland are: ChiPRC, Cat Von Kang Gallery, and Drama Beauty. On the East side of the street are Revolution Books and Urban Escape Healing.

We will see you there!

Thursday, November 5, 2015


Here are a few updates for Art on Ashland, which is happening this Saturday, November 7!

At Revolution Books, artist Victor Alegria will be there in-person all day, from 10:00am to 6:00pm. Additionally, the space will have a button-making machine, so you can create your own political button-art!

At ChiPRC, artist Terrie Byrne will be in the space from 11:30am to 1:30pm only. Artist Rich Salamander won't be physically present, but he has provided us with some amazing art for the show. Artist Chris Berry will be in the space from 10:00am to 6:00pm.

Everything else on our About page is accurate, so take a look at the artists and activities, and plan your art walk experience!

Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Artist Spotlight: Dean Johnson

Today's Artist Spotlight goes to Dean Johnson who will be exhibiting November 7 at ChiPRC as part of Art on Ashland. Dean has co-curated two previous art shows at ChiPRC, both entitled Art of the Solstice. He currently has an ongoing exhibit at Natural Elements Salon called Chicago Art.

Dean Johnson studied Fine Art at Columbia College Chicago, where he earned his Bachelor Degree. He serves on the Board of Directors for Chicago Publishers Resource Center (ChiPRC) and is its Arts Coordinator. He is a co-founder of Northside Independent Artists (NIA). He is Lead Organizer for Art on Ashland, the East Village Art Walk. Dean’s commissions include numerous portrait paintings, as well as postcard designs for theater companies TUTA and Darknight Theatrical Productions; flyer designs for rock band Arch Visceral Parlor and DJ Elle Madelyn; logo designs for Souls Journey Life Coaching and Athletic Souls; and illustrations for author John Wawrzaszek.

You may view Dean's website here. A social media junkie, Dean encourages you to follow him on your own favorite platform, including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram, Google+, Pinterest, Deviantart or Youtube.

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

Artist Spotlight: Cheryl Casden

Today's Artist Spotlight goes to Cheryl Casden, who will show her work November 7 at Urban Escape Healing as part of Art on Ashland. She has a strong personal style that she expresses through numerous mediums, including oil paint, wood and even body paint.

Cheryl Casden is a local Chicago based artist. Her work revolves around her ever-evolving love for personal mental, physical, and spiritual growth. She has her BFA from the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design, having studied abroad at Bezalel Academy of Art in Jerusalem, Israel. Casden has shown at numerous gallery events and group shows in Milwaukee and Chicago. In addition, she has vended her crafts and live painted at numerous music festivals throughout the Midwest. Currently, she resides in Highwood, IL, is an art teacher at Lill Street Art Center and at Bottle & Bottega, Evanston, and is the Art Music Manager for the non-for profit, O+ Festival Chicago.

You may view Cheryl's gorgeous website here.

Monday, November 2, 2015

Artist Spotlight: Rich Salamander

Today's Artist Spotlight goes to Rich Salamander, who will be showing his unique wire sculptures at ChiPRC on November 7 as part of Art on Ashland. Rich recently co-curated an art show at ChiPRC entitled Proud Moments. He should indeed be proud of all the work he did, because the show was phenomenal! You can view pictures of the set-up here.

Rich Salamander's work exists because of his constant need to draw either with a pen and paper, or with wire. The subjects are stoic characters that observe the viewer as much as they are observed. You may view Rich's website here.

Sunday, November 1, 2015

Artist Spotlight: Christopher Berry

Today's featured artist is Christopher Berry, who will be exhibiting November 7 at ChiPRC as part of Art on Ashland. We look forward to seeing his exciting mixed media pieces and photography!

Christopher Berry, originally from Michigan, has always had a creative idea in his head. When his grandmother passed away in 2013, in a way to deal with his grief over her passing, he began to use art as an outlet. Christopher uses mixed media techniques in his pieces to evoke what he is feeling at the moment, whether it be confusion, worry or complete joy. Christopher lives in Chicago with his partner Glenn, his greatest fan!

How does an inventive mixed-media artist get his inspiration? How do a call center and a family tree play into Chris's artistic formation? See the video below for the answers to these questions, as we take you for a visit into Christopher Berry's art studio!

In the Studio with Christopher Berry