Monday, October 5, 2015

Spotlight on Urban Escape Healing

Art on Ashland has man generous contributors. These organizations provide exciting services for East Village locals and Chicagoans year-round. Today, we would like to spotlight another of those organizations.

We all love Chicago, but I think we would all admit that the hustle and bustle can take the wind out of our sails from time to time. We need a place to rest and recharge our batteries. Urban Escape Healing is just such a place. The term "Urban Escape" brings to mind a gentle oasis in an environment that can sometimes be noisy and overwhelming.

Urban Escape provides energizing services such as yoga, reiki, massage and more, as well as wide variety of workshops and classes for people of all ages and backgrounds. In a supportive group setting or one-on-one, clients can tap into their own ability to rebalance and recharge. For more information, view Urban Escape Healing's website here.

We look forward to seeing the beautiful and inspiring art that Urban Escape's compassionate community brings to Art on Ashland!

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