Sunday, October 11, 2015

Spotlight on ChiPRC

Today, we turn our attention to Chicago Publishers Resource Center, or ChiPRC. In addition to being an Art on Ashland partner, ChiPRC is a versatile studio space for writers, artists and more. There is a community of creative people that hosts regular readings, workshops and events, many of them geared toward self-publishers. Guest instructors and artists also design events, including creative writing workshops, web design classes and podcast recordings, to name just a few.

ChiPRC is a natural fit for Art on Ashland, because it has already hosted several art shows, including two exhibits curated by Northside Independent Artists (NIA). Its big white walls are perfect for showing off photography, fine art and graphic design. We look forward to seeing the pool of talent ChiPRC will be bringing in for our art walk on November 7!

To view ChiPRC's calendar of events, go here.

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