Sunday, November 1, 2015

Artist Spotlight: Christopher Berry

Today's featured artist is Christopher Berry, who will be exhibiting November 7 at ChiPRC as part of Art on Ashland. We look forward to seeing his exciting mixed media pieces and photography!

Christopher Berry, originally from Michigan, has always had a creative idea in his head. When his grandmother passed away in 2013, in a way to deal with his grief over her passing, he began to use art as an outlet. Christopher uses mixed media techniques in his pieces to evoke what he is feeling at the moment, whether it be confusion, worry or complete joy. Christopher lives in Chicago with his partner Glenn, his greatest fan!

How does an inventive mixed-media artist get his inspiration? How do a call center and a family tree play into Chris's artistic formation? See the video below for the answers to these questions, as we take you for a visit into Christopher Berry's art studio!

In the Studio with Christopher Berry

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