Showing at ChiPRC
858 N Ashland

Christopher Berry - Christopher Berry, originally from Michigan, has always had a creative idea in his head. When his Grandmother passed away in 2013, in a way to deal with his grief of her passing, he began to use art as an outlet. Christopher uses mixed media techniques in his pieces to evoke what he is feeling at the moment he makes the piece, whether it be confusion, worry, or complete joy. Christopher lives in Chicago, with his partner Glenn, his greatest fan!
(Christopher available in-person from 10:00 - 6:00 only)

Dean Johnson - Dean Johnson studied Fine Art at Columbia College Chicago, where he earned his Bachelor Degree. He serves on the Board of Directors for Chicago Publishers Resource Center and is its Arts Coordinator. He is a co-founder of Northside Independent Artists (NIA). He is Lead Organizer for Art on Ashland, the East Village Art Walk. Dean’s commissions include numerous portrait paintings, as well as postcard designs for theater companies TUTA and Darknight Theatrical Productions; flyer designs for rock band Arch Visceral Parlor and DJ Elle Madelyn; logo designs for Souls Journey Life Coaching and Athletic Souls; and illustrations for author John Wawrzaszek.

Rich Salamander - Rich Salamander's work exists because of his constant need to draw either with a pen and paper, or with wire. The subjects are stoic characters that observe the viewer as much as they are observed. (Rich will not be available in-person)

Theo Katsaounis - Theo Katsaounis' work consists of well-crafted collages, absurd paintings and childlike drawings. His sense of compositions create a dreamlike, yet visceral experience.
(Theo available in-person from 6:00 - 9:00 only)

Terrie Byrne - Terrie Byrne is an artist who experiences life vividly. The tactile impressions and prismatic colors that surround her are a challenge and a joy to transmute into artistic expression. She is an artisan with traditional tools — brushes, tubes of pigment and drawing implements that create smears, dust and stains. Art-making is part of the tactile experience of life, so her tools must be held and felt. Far from being a solitary explorer, Terrie has enjoyed working alongside other artists. She was Lead Organizer for a figure drawing group called Third Thursday Club, and she is co-founder of Northside Independent Artists (NIA).
(Terrie is showing from 11:30 - 1:30 only)

Showing at Cat von Kang Gallery
1112 N Ashland 

Suk Ja Kang - Suk Ja Kang immigrated to the United States from South Korea two decades ago, and has been active as an artist and curator ever since. She has exhibited throughout the United States since 1994, and has been the recipient of numerous awards and grants. She earned a BFA in Drawing and Painting from the University of Georgia, and an MFA in Painting from the University of Illinois. Her most recent works draw upon the rich artistic traditions of Korea but are also inspired by the bright colors and frenetic energy of the street art and culture of Chicago. This synthesis is evident in her diverse materials which include rice paper, Sumi ink, spray paint, gold leaf, acrylics, and cosmetics.

Cat Zeman - My work is my diary--a visual representation of thoughts and emotions distilled from everyday conversations and experiences with friends, strangers, and in my interior world. Everyday revelations and frantic exclamations are illuminated by bright colors. As a whole, my work is an exploration of those universal truths so central to our shared experience of being human, of inhabiting the current world.

Showing at Drama Beauty
1118 N Ashland 

Daniel Chesney - Daniel Chesney's painting is smart and self-referential. His quotations include nearly all of European art history, including Romanticism, Impressionism and even contemporary editorial images. Chesney is an autodidact, understanding and assimilating a host of influences. His work avoids, however, the cynical irony that characterizes most Post-modernism, aligning itself with the timeless beauty that inspires every generation. Rich and painterly, Chesney's art transcends its influences even while paying tribute to them.

Showing at Revolution Books
1103 N Ashland 

Victor Alegria - Victor Alegria has exhibited his paintings and engravings throughout the Chicago area, in Southern California, France, and Mexico. He studied at Taller Mestizarte, Casa de la Cultura Carlos Cortez in Pilsen, and one of his engravings, part of a project commissioned by the National Museum of Mexican Art, is now in the Special Collections Department of the University of Southern California Libraries, along with engravings by other well-known Chicago artists. Another one of his engravings was chosen by world-renowned artist Nicolas de Jesus to be part of a Day of the Dead exhibition in Chicago, Paris, and Oaxaca. More recently, Victor has taken up photography in addition to painting and engraving. Revolution Books will feature a collection of his photographs of the Chicago cityscape, from familiar icons to the unknown, from unexpected angles. Much of his work will be available for sale as well.

Showing at Urban Escape Healing
1049 N Ashland 

Cheryl Casden - Cheryl Casden is a local Chicago based artist. Her work revolves around her ever-evolving love for personal mental, physical, and spiritual growth. She has her BFA from the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design, having studied abroad at Bezalel Academy of Art in Jerusalem, Israel. Casden has shown at numerous gallery events and group shows in Milwaukee and Chicago. In addition, she has vended her crafts and live painted at numerous music festivals throughout the Midwest. Currently, she resides in Highwood, IL, is a art teacher at Lill Street Art Center and at Bottle & Bottega, Evanston, and is the Art Music Manager for the non-for profit, O+ Festival Chicago.

Esoteric Arts Chicago - Esoteric Arts Chicago creates and provides products and services for energy, healing, and meditation, with style! Beautiful and highly effective Orgone Generators, Shungite products, CD's for healing and meditation, and more!

Abbey Denlinger - Abbey Denlinger (Abbey Aura) has been exploring her creative passions since she picked up a crayon. She began studying art in 2004 and began her formal art education at the Art Institute of Chicago in 2007. Since then she has studied multiple art forms and she graduated with her degree in Architecture from the University of Illinois (Urbana-Champaign) in 2012. After graduation, Denlinger pursued her calling to be a multi-disciplinary artist, and formally trained in the fields of graphic design and illustration at the College of DuPage. Denlinger currently works as a full-time freelance graphic designer and painter, and simultaneously pursues her independent and collaborative creative passions. Abbey owns and operates her own business, where she produces custom hand-painted and screen-printed clothing and accessories. She also works with multiple graphic design clients and creates digital album artworks and materials for music artists including Manic Focus and Future Rock and The Floozies. As an independent artist, Abbey produces live-paintings for musical artists and events across the country and has been involved in the design and implementation of several art installations. Denlinger also has extensive experience in theatrical stage and set design. She has worked on set construction and prop design for over 30 theatrical productions and has designed and painted large-scale theatrical sets and backdrop murals. Denlinger’s creative vision work takes the form of multiple mediums and utilizes an alchemical process of weaving together ethereal and worldly subject matter. Denlinger utilizes a combination of her unique technical background and her artistic passion to focus on a creative process that produces visionary work with positive and transformative intentions.

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